SWGOH Guild Recruitment

A place to find or advertise your guild

This site is currently in beta. If you have feedback, contact sigsig#0001 on Discord.

Find a Guild

Looking for a new guild? Head over to the Guilds page, enter your ally code and the results will show you any guilds that should fit your needs. You can then filter down the results even more if you need to.

Add your Guild

Are you a guild leader or officer? Create an account now and customize your guild page so the correct recruits can find you.

Just make an account, verify your ally code and your initial Guild page will be created. From there you can add your guild's requirements and other information. This helps to filter down the recruits searching for guilds and should only display your guild to people it's appropriate for.


Interested in an alliance? View our alliances page to see all alliances and the guilds that are part of them.