The Syndicate

Each guild is run independently, but share discord for more strategy and friendly banter.

The Syndicate (SYN), was founded by a group of friends who just wanted to play the game together, without a ruling class dictating our every move. We believe in being fair and impartial, and we believe all of our members who want to be heard *should* be heard.

**SYN** is a group of guilds bonded together by our love of the game, Star Wars, and our commitment to the fair treatment for **all** of our people. We are an upstanding group that is honest and caring, and always courteous and genuine. Our intent is to play the game in a fun, low-stress, drama free environment, to grow and learn, and to make new friends along the way.

__**Basically, we love to nerd out and talk strategy, theory, and anything and everything about the game, Star Wars, and life itself, in an environment that is fair and caring!**__


Guild Comparison

GP Avg. GP Min. GP SBR Krayt RotE LSGTB DSGTB TW Reset Mindset
SYN DeathWatch 554m 11.08m 10.0m 451m 37 star 43/31 Competitive
SYN ?rimson ?awn 518m 10.37m 8.5m 436m 34 star 37/20 Semi Competitive
Canadian Exodus 503m 10.08m 10.0m 277m 33 star 24 star 34/30 Semi Competitive
SYN_Korriban 503m 10.06m 8.0m 294m 31 star 20/38 Semi Competitive
SYN H?nd of Judgment 489m 9.79m 7.0m 254m 30 star 22 star 31 star 30/44 Semi Competitive
SYN Shadows Collective 460m 9.21m 0.0m 172m 30 star 23 star 32 star 30/43
Casual Gamers Alliance 445m 8.92m 0.0m 154m 30 star 21 star 30 star 33/41
Amageddon 400m 8.02m 6.0m 162m 24 star 63/12 Semi Competitive
The Circle of Guards 392m 7.84m 0.0m 145m 22 star 17 star 30 star 30/39
SYN The Wookiees Saarlac 387m 7.91m 5.0m 162m 27 star 47/27 Competitive
SYN Mai Barr and Lounge 352m 7.05m 3.5m 160m 24 star 15 star 31 star 57/17 Competitive
rebels within 317m 6.35m 0.0m 41m 4 star 16 star 1/55
Dark 'n Stormy 307m 6.68m 0.0m 64m 13 star 6 star 17 star 24/31
SYN Black Sun 270m 5.41m 0.0m 35m 6 star 12 star 12/28
SYN The Acolytes 250m 5.45m 4.0m 84m 13 star 26 star 47/26 Semi Competitive
CAGoHPower 182m 3.98m 0.0m 72m 9 star 19 star 43/12
Empire's assassins 182m 3.66m 0.0m 8 star 30/16