Not an alliance!

The Alderaan Travel Agency is a private community of guilds that love Star Wars and we share a Discord server. All guilds are independent and do their own thing.

But we do enjoy hanging out with each other to theorycraft about mods and share dank cat memes :D


Guild Comparison

GP Avg. GP Min. GP SBR Krayt RotE LSGTB DSGTB TW Reset Mindset
DeathStarMaintenanceCrewDSMC 575m 11.50m 10.0m 451m 37 star 6 star 55/33 Competitive
BC Strikes Back 549m 10.98m 9.0m 327m 36 star 7 star 25/49 Semi Competitive
Kettch's Commandos 545m 10.91m 9.0m 427m 37 star 1 star 35/53 Casual
No Siith Sherlock 533m 10.66m 9.0m 265m 32 star 7 star 40/48 Semi Competitive
F L O W I N G F O R C E 522m 10.45m 9.5m 266m 35 star 9 star 42/46 Semi Competitive
Nerfherder Union 479m 9.59m 7.0m 237m 30 star 1 star 34/54 Semi Competitive
Relics 0f the Empire 426m 8.90m 0.0m 118m 24 star 3 star 28 star 31/56
Czerka Intergalatic Corp 409m 8.20m 4.0m 111m 22 star 4 star 29 star 45/41 Semi Competitive
La Revoluci?n 393m 8.73m 0.0m 119m 23 star 4 star 31 star 37/45
ALLiΔNCE ΞΧΙLΞ 389m 0m 7.0m 20 star 22/12 Casual
Unique 381m 7.79m 5.0m 127m 17 star 4 star 28 star 44/40 Semi Competitive
JediMasterOrder 225m 6.45m 0.0m 39m 22m 6 star 2 star 17 star 28/49 Semi Competitive
The ALLi?NCE ?ot? 54m 0m 0.0m 248m 33 star 1 star 38/38
Twiglight Council 8m 4.28m 5.0m 17 star 19/33 Semi Competitive