BRG Alliance

BRG Alliance is an alliance of 35 guilds. We have been helping guilds who have found themselves struggling for over four years. We have built a reputation for helping guilds and respecting players by not using a feeder system and protecting the ability of guilds to grow and achieve things under their own power.

While we don’t promise some of the things other groups might promise , like doing all the work recruiting for you, we do promise that we’ll do our best to go help put guilds be in a healthy position where goals are being met and members are happy . We also promise that as long as you’re willing to fight, we’ll stand with you for as long as it takes.

Whether you’re a player who’s looking for a Galaxy of Heroes home, a guild that’s tired of being on your own and wants a community, or someone who is trying to keep a group of friends together, we’re glad you found your way to one of most experienced, player-driven and guild-friendly Galaxy of Heroes Alliances.

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Guild Comparison

BRG Knights of the Dragon 414m 25 star 27 star 32 star 12/13 Yes Competitive
BRG SΔND PEOPLE 389m 24 star 25 star 32 star 10/13 Yes Casual
BRG Nebeski Setaci 382m 28 star 27 star 32 star 19/6 Yes
BRG The Wampa Den 380m 24 star 25 star 32 star 13/12 Yes Competitive
BRG D-S-R 370m 19 star 24 star 31 star 9/16 Yes
BRG Exile 361m 18 star 31 star 7/18 Yes Semi Competitive
BRG De Prime Odor 349m 21 star 17 star 29 star 10/15 Yes Semi Competitive
BRG LazerFaces 337m 21 star 20 star 31 star 13/12 Yes Competitive
BRG Hope 325m 17 star 21 star 30 star 12/14 Yes Semi Competitive
BRG Laxed Out Pros 321m 18 star 14 star 29 star 6/8 Yes
[BRG]DropItLikeIt'sHoth 314m 16 star 11 star 26 star 11/14 Yes Casual
BRG Wayward Knights 299m 12 star 11 star 27 star 10/4 Yes
The Guildest of Guilds 295m 10 star 25 star 3/10
BRG A Guild Far Far Away 289m 17 star 12 star 30 star 21/5 Yes
BRG Tattooine Takedowns 267m 15 star 27 star 24/1 Yes Casual
BRG Knights of Templar 262m 14 star 13 star 5/8 Semi Competitive
BRG Umbaran Mercenaries 247m 14 star 13 star 27 star 16/8 Semi Competitive
BRG Ahsokas Legion 242m 14 star 13 star 27 star 27/0 Yes Competitive
BRG Rule of Two 240m 8 star 17 star 3/11
BRG Vaders Wake 239m 16 star 13 star 28 star 25/0 Yes Semi Competitive
BRG-HappyAccidents 213m 9 star 18 star 10/4
BRG Mandos 198m 11 star 8 star 25 star 21/4
BRG Noble Struggle 192m 4 star 17 star 16/9 Casual
BRG Deathless Mages 178m 5 star 15 star 13/0
BRG Honor Above All Else 176m 7 star 20 star 5/3 Casual
BRG Younglings In The Temple 171m 7 star 17 star 24/1
[BRG] Holocron Cafe 168m 7 star 14 star 23/2
BRG Order of Calamity 150m 2 star 7 star 11/10
BRG Frozenshard exiles 129m 15 star 13/3
BRG Dark Force Alignment 91m 6 star 10/4
BRG The HighCouncil 79m 10/0
BRG xScoundrels 54m 6/7