Italy Strikes Back

Italy Strikes Back is an alliance English friendly: TB, new TB and TW focused.

We are part of an alliance of 8 guilds and are evaluating every kind of players and mergers.

We are a group of guilds that are very different in style and pace. We have players from all over the world and a very well-stocked server.

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Guild Comparison

GP Avg. GP Min. GP Krayt RotE LSGTB DSGTB TW Reset Mindset
Italy Strikes Back 492m 9.84m 8.0m 133m 32 star 31 star 33 star 26/10 Competitive
Italy Strikes Back III 452m 9.06m 0.0m 75m 27 star 28 star 33 star 19/15
Italy Strikes Back IV 412m 8.24m 5.5m 45m 24 star 24 star 32 star 15/19 Semi Competitive
ISB FALLEN ORDER 364m 7.43m 6.0m 35m 22 star 22 star 31 star 21/13 Semi Competitive
ISB Kamino 349m 7.76m 5.0m 33m 20 star 31 star 15/18 Semi Competitive
LEGIONE TRICOLORE 339m 6.78m 0.0m 30m 18 star 30 star 9/11
Revange Of Dark Side 314m 6.29m 6.0m 28m 17 star 18 star 30 star 26/7 Competitive
StarLordsIta 290m 6.61m 5.5m 18m 15 star 14 star 28 star 13/21 Semi Competitive
ISB La Feccia di Mos Eisley 251m 5.23m 4.0m 18m 15 star 11 star 27 star 21/13 Semi Competitive