Cable - Community of Independent Guilds

Established Feb 2019. A community of independent guilds working together, sharing knowledge, experience, and enjoyment. International and active.

Member perks:

-In house Reva & KAM streaming/ guide, with modding help

-Key mission guides and help for TB

-Latest bots -Fire Meme channels -Great camaraderie

-GAC streaming parties

-Resident YouTubers

-Recruiting and Officer support

Permanent Recruitment Discord Link:

Our Guilds, with a varying range of GP and focus. A place for just about everyone.

41st Elite Co (41st)

Bobahemian Rhapsody (BR)

Clones in Tights (CIT)

Darksabre Legion (DL)

Ewok On The Beach (EotB)

Ki113r_Queen_Amidala (KQA)

Mos Eisley Cantina (MEC)

Mos Pelgo Saloon (MPS)

My Lightsaber Is Bigger (MLiB)

Rule of Two Cartel of One (R2C1)


Guild Comparison

GP Avg. GP Min. GP SBR Krayt RotE LSGTB DSGTB TW Reset Mindset
?Mos Eisley Cantina? 533m 10.67m 10.5m 328m 152m 38 star 41/19 Competitive
EwokOnTheBeach 477m 9.55m 7.0m 235m 139m 31 star 24 star 32 star 22/37 Competitive
41st Elite Corp: Green Co 422m 8.44m 7.0m 99m 60m 26 star 24 star 31 star 13/25 Competitive
Rule of two Cartel of one 376m 7.53m 0.0m 74m 39m 20 star 17 star 27 star 19/40
Mos Pelgo Saloon 305m 6.11m 3.0m 66m 32m 14 star 10 star 25 star 47/12 Competitive
Ki113r_Queen_Amidala 269m 6.12m 2.0m 38m 21m 6 star 8 star 17 star 18/38 Casual
My lightsaber is bigger 223m 4.47m 0.0m 47m 19m 9 star 6 star 19 star 54/5 Casual
Bobahemian Rhapsody 159m 3.26m 0.0m 28m 8 star 40/17
Book of BobbleFat 156m 3.12m 0.0m 38m 13m 5 star 14 star 28/12 Semi Competitive
Darksabre Legion 12m 4.29m 0.0m 30m 15 star 11 star 24 star 16/35 Casual