Lazy Chiss Warriors

Lazy Chiss Warriors is an alliance of guilds ranging from 380M+ down to our starter guild and full of Star Wars fans from around the world, brought together by SWGoH. 

All of our guilds (with the exception of the starter guild) are farming Wat Tambor shards, our top guilds are farming KAM shards as well as Challenge Rancor Pit. Our starter guild does all Heroic raids.


Guild Comparison

GP Avg. GP Min. GP Krayt RotE LSGTB DSGTB TW Reset Mindset
Chiss Ascendancy's Vengeance 396m 8.25m 6.0m 75m 27 star 24 star 32 star 21/12 Competitive
Chiss Exp Defense Fleet 369m 7.69m 5.5m 42m 24 star 20 star 32 star 14/19 Semi Competitive
501st rangers 323m 6.61m 2.5m 26m 10 star 10 star 24 star 10/23 Casual
Kessel or Bust 322m 6.46m 4.0m 35m 16 star 16 star 31 star 21/12 Semi Competitive
Ewocalypse 261m 5.23m 0.0m 21m 13 star 8 star 25 star 19/14 Casual
Galaxy of Galactic Padawans 248m 4.97m 3.0m 21m 11 star 10 star 25 star 23/10 Semi Competitive
Lazy Padawans Old Republic 172m 3.68m 2.0m 19m 8 star 20 star 22/11 Semi Competitive
Karabast Pirates 108m 2.72m 0.0m 8m 7 star 5 star 9/16 Casual
SpawnsOfThrawn 66m 1.58m 1.0m 2m 26/3 Semi Competitive