Awakened Collective

Awakened Collective

Contact is darthjaydub#6614

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Multinational English Speaking Alliance with an interest in creating a community while helping each other be the best we can possibly be. Each guild has its own discord server, but we also share a Collective Discord server where we share what we have been doing with our lives as well as information about the game between what is new in the meta in PVP or PVE.

We have guilds from 100 M to 520 Million GP, ranging from Casual to Semi Competitive. We will not force moves within the Alliance without the consent of the Guild Leaders or the Player. We do not use a Feeder System but you can Upgrade if you want to be more competitive or move down when planning on taking a break, whether for vacation or being busy in real life.

We are looking for players that are active as well as interested in being part of our community. We have guilds Worldwide from American Time zones, EU to even Australian Time zones, so we should have something to fill your needs. To join us, click on this link,

Attached you will see an image as a summary of what our Guilds do in Raids and Territory Battles.


Guild Comparison

GP Avg. GP Min. GP SBR Krayt RotE LSGTB DSGTB TW Reset Mindset
AwakenedMANDALORIANS 540m 10.82m 10.5m 253m 142m 36 star 46/12 Semi Competitive
Honorbound 536m 10.73m 9.0m 272m 148m 32 star 32/28 Semi Competitive
AwakenedREBELS 509m 10.18m 10.0m 275m 145m 35 star 28 star 32 star 39/19 Semi Competitive
AwakenedJEDI 505m 10.11m 0.0m 191m 99m 36 star 29 star 32 star 19/37
Awakened Order 500m 10.01m 8.0m 217m 135m 33 star 37/23 Competitive
AwakenedSCOUNDRELS 487m 9.76m 9.0m 226m 104m 34 star 28 star 32 star 32/26 Semi Competitive
AwakenedWookies 449m 9.00m 9.0m 184m 92m 30 star 18/40 Semi Competitive
Kessel Cantina 431m 8.80m 7.5m 97m 42m 25 star 20 star 30 star 12/36 Semi Competitive
Awakened Chairborne Rangers 411m 8.57m 7.0m 113m 64m 27 star 17/41 Semi Competitive
AwakenedWatEmpire 368m 7.52m 3.5m 113m 44m 24 star 11 star 30 star 34/22 Semi Competitive
Shad0w C0llective 364m 7.29m 4.0m 91m 37m 21 star 22 star 29 star 39/20 Competitive
Awakened502nd 342m 7.29m 0.0m 77m 38m 17 star 15 star 30 star 23/35 Casual
Awakened Inner Galaxy 309m 7.04m 0.0m 63m 40m 19 star 12 star 28 star 36/14
JawaHootenanny 262m 5.25m 0.0m 67m 29m 12 star 13 star 27 star 59/1 Competitive
AwakenedMURDERbears 226m 4.52m 0.0m 53m 21m 12 star 8 star 22 star 19/39 Casual
Raiders of Corella 136m 2.96m 0.0m 5 star 5 star 10/13