Awakened Collective

Awakened Collective

Contact is darthjaydub#6614

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Awakened Collective is looking for new recruits Contact darthjaydub#6614

**Seeking single players, groups or mergers of any size**

**Everyone:** if you need a fresh start in an active community, we can help. If want to belong to an active growing community, you just found one.  Bottom line, If you need a spot we can probably help you. If not we will tell you upfront and give you a lead on where to go.  Currently looking for people across all GP ranges and activity. If you are looking for a good healthy and fun community you just found it.

**Guilds: ** if your guild is struggling or just needs some officers we can help. If officers are just tired and need a break. If retirements hit and you need some help. We can help. We can take any size group, partial and/or full guilds or individuals.

AwakenedCollective guilds range 150 M to 540 Million GP and Active-Casual to Competitive. We do not force moves within the Alliance without the consent of the Guild Leaders and the Player. Sometimes moves are necessary to place someone who more aligns with their play style. its rare. We do not use a Feeder System but you can move around if you want and OK it with your officers. Each guild has its own discord server, but we also share a Collective Discord server.

We have guilds Worldwide from American Time zones, EU and Australian Time zones, so we should have something to fill anyone's needs


Guild Comparison

GP Avg. GP Min. GP Naboo RotE LSGTB DSGTB TW Reset Mindset
AwakenedMANDALORIANS 579m 11.60m 10.5m 168m 39 star 9 star 72% Semi Competitive
Honorbound 579m 11.60m 9.0m 97m 37 star 7 star 60% Semi Competitive
AwakenedREBELS 562m 11.25m 10.0m 160m 38 star 7 star 32 star 73% Competitive
AwakenedJEDI 556m 11.13m 10.5m 70m 38 star 34% Semi Competitive
Awakened Order 548m 10.98m 10.5m 104m 36 star 57% Competitive
AwakenedSCOUNDRELS 539m 10.80m 10.0m 112m 37 star 7 star 33 star 53% Semi Competitive
AwakenedWookies 501m 10.03m 10.0m 59m 33 star 33 star 36% Semi Competitive
Kessel Cantina 480m 9.80m 7.5m 35m 29 star 7 star 28% Semi Competitive
Awakened Chairborne Rangers 478m 9.58m 8.0m 48m 30 star 5 star 32% Semi Competitive
Awakened Inner Galaxy 452m 9.23m 6.5m 43m 28 star 5 star 70% Semi Competitive
AwakenedWatEmpire 435m 8.72m 7.0m 41m 29 star 6 star 52% Competitive
Shad0w C0llective 391m 7.99m 6.0m 37m 24 star 3 star 30 star 56% Semi Competitive
Awakened Morphus 377m 7.56m 5.0m 17m 19 star 3 star 27 star 63% Semi Competitive
JawaHootenanny 315m 6.31m 4.5m 22m 19 star 1 star 30 star 97% Competitive
AwakenedMURDERbears 266m 5.33m 3.5m 13m 14 star 26 star 35% Casual
AwakenedColosseum 231m 4.64m 2.5m 23m 12 star 1 star 22 star 66% Semi Competitive
Raiders of Corella 173m 3.55m 0.0m 6 star 11 star 41%