Knights Alliance

Knights Alliance have a number of guilds of all abilities and are always looking for new members to help us grow!


Guild Comparison

GP Avg. GP Min. GP Krayt RotE LSGTB DSGTB TW Reset Mindset
Veteran Knights 434m 8.69m 7.0m 60m 28 star 16/10 Competitive
Fearless Rebel Knights 361m 7.53m 6.0m 41m 22 star 23 star 31 star 16/19 Semi Competitive
Knights Of The New Era KNE 353m 7.07m 5.5m 43m 20 star 8/2 Competitive
TheWolfKnowsTheWolf 345m 6.90m 6.0m 38m 23 star 21 star 31 star 14/6 Competitive
The Luscious Lobots 322m 6.59m 0.0m 30m 16 star 29 star 8/11
Hoths'sHeros 261m 5.23m 1.5m 18m 15 star 26 star 15/7 Casual
UNLlMlTED P0W3R 244m 4.88m 4.0m 26m 14 star 12 star 27 star 14/6 Competitive
The Yubnub Coalition 212m 4.24m 2.5m 18m 10 star 8 star 23 star 13/11 Casual
The Old Republic 2558154 149m 2.99m 1.0m 7m 11 star 12/8 Semi Competitive
Prisoners Of The Monarchy 134m 2.68m 0.0m 13 star 7/11 Casual
Knights Alliance Younglings 74m 1.53m 0.0m 4m 11/9 Casual