Boba's Alliance

The largest alliance in SWGOH. All of our guilds have private channels and are run independently so don't let the word 'alliance' deter you! A fantastic community with a wide variety of guilds to choose from. Whether you're looking for a guild with optional or focused TW, Hoth TB, Geo TB, or a smaller guild to grow with, we can find the right fit for you! If you're ready to 'retire' but might log in once in a while for the heck of it and do dailies and casually work on toons, we have a retirement guild where you can park your account. Join our Recruiting Server on Discord:


Guild Comparison

GP Avg. GP Min. GP SBR Krayt RotE LSGTB DSGTB TW Reset Mindset
Mandal?rian Synd?cate 570m 11.42m 10.5m 462m 273m 38 star 54/9 Semi Competitive
Infinite ?arkness ? 559m 11.18m 10.0m 506m 277m 38 star 26/36 Semi Competitive
? L P H ? 556m 11.14m 10.5m 332m 152m 36 star 33 star 33 star 20/44 Semi Competitive
||DnD|| 536m 10.72m 0.0m 298m 138m 36 star 32 star 33 star 56/7
Ewokin Dead 534m 10.69m 9.0m 298m 142m 36 star 48/15 Semi Competitive
Avenging Council 526m 10.52m 10.0m 325m 147m 36 star 30/32 Competitive
|DnD| 502m 10.06m 0.0m 160m 85m 28 star 28 star 33 star 32/31
Rise of KOTRW 497m 9.94m 8.0m 236m 116m 34 star 49/12 Semi Competitive
Jed1 Dis0rder 492m 9.86m 7.0m 252m 142m 31 star 24 star 32 star 29/33 Semi Competitive
"Outcast Warriors" 491m 9.83m 7.5m 230m 140m 33 star 29/34 Semi Competitive
The Jedii Always Win 480m 9.62m 0.0m 230m 102m 32 star 25 star 31 star 37/26
Outcasts 480m 9.61m 7.0m 230m 101m 32 star 30/33 Semi Competitive
??Y??M 472m 9.45m 8.0m 192m 95m 31 star 50/13 Semi Competitive
Reys Elites 468m 9.38m 8.0m 130m 76m 30 star 24 star 32 star 49/14 Semi Competitive
StarSmasher 460m 9.21m 0.0m 235m 97m 30 star 31/17
12 Parsec Kessel Runners 460m 9.21m 7.0m 175m 73m 27 star 31/32 Casual
Ewokin with Destiny 458m 9.17m 0.0m 143m 77m 27 star 19 star 31 star 20/43
P4dme down 455m 9.10m 6.0m 179m 71m 30 star 42/21 Semi Competitive
Udder Madness 445m 8.90m 6.0m 215m 100m 30 star 22 star 31 star 49/14 Semi Competitive
Rise of Vizla 440m 8.82m 0.0m 170m 66m 29 star 23 star 31 star 35/25
Haydigan's Hordes 436m 8.91m 6.0m 111m 61m 27 star 18/44 Casual
Cael 425m 8.68m 0.0m 113m 51m 24 star 36/27 Casual
Knights of Revans 402m 8.21m 7.0m 114m 67m 23 star 21 star 35/28 Semi Competitive
Makashi Marauders 392m 7.85m 5.0m 153m 58m 27 star 21 star 46/17 Semi Competitive
The C0vert 386m 8.05m 6.0m 163m 74m 24 star 43/20 Semi Competitive
oP Neptune 383m 8.35m 0.0m 79m 46m 20 star 18 star 30 star 21/41
TheDarkSide 362m 7.25m 0.0m 64m 32m 18 star 23 star 25 star 30/33
36th Mercenary Outcasts 347m 7.08m 0.0m 94m 37m 21 star 19 star 29 star 43/19
KILLERS 333m 6.68m 2.5m 53m 31m 15 star 12 star 26 star 17/45 Casual
Galaxy Scoundrels 321m 6.42m 0.0m 73m 35m 18 star 12 star 29 star 37/26
The Valley of Extinction 270m 6.43m 5.0m 45m 27m 12 star 9 star 24 star 5/17 Casual
Size Matters Not 259m 5.20m 2.0m 74m 30m 15 star 7 star 27 star 51/11 Casual
Valhalla Heathens1 229m 4.59m 1.5m 71m 29m 13 star 9 star 18 star 40/23 Casual
? W O K I N L ? G I O N S 209m 4.66m 0.0m 37m 16m 7 star 4 star 11 star 19/30
Jyn 0n The Rocks 136m 7.19m 0.0m 0/0 Casual
Mustafar Starters 102m 2.04m 0.0m 21m 7 star 28/4 Casual
Carbanti Hunters 43m 10.87m 0.0m 304m 160m 36 star 42/20 Semi Competitive
Outcast Ghosts III 40m 0m 0.0m 15 star 20 star 16 star 17/30
Transylvania 30m 2.31m 0.0m 27 star 31 star 33 star 21/2 Competitive
Mustafar Fire Brigade 28m 4.03m 3.0m 17 star 15 star 29 star 25/2 Competitive