Rebel Force

Rebel Force is an energetic, player-focused group of 14 Endor Raiding guilds with multiple levels of development, as well.

Each guild (planet) has its own officers and culture.

Competitiveness runs the gamut from semi-casual to the bleeding edge of the gauntlet.

Everplease join our recruiting discord for more info!


Guild Comparison

GP Avg. GP Min. GP SBR Krayt RotE LSGTB DSGTB TW Reset Mindset
RebeI Force Kashyyyk 606m 12.13m 11.0m 712m 42 star 9 star 60/28 Competitive
Rebel Force Tatoo?ne 590m 11.81m 10.5m 520m 40 star 7 star 60/28 Competitive
Rebel Force Dantoo?ne 587m 11.76m 10.0m 547m 40 star 6 star 43/45 Competitive
Rebel Force Jedha 562m 11.24m 6.5m 448m 39 star 1 star 30/58 Competitive
Rebel Force Yavin IV 561m 11.23m 0.0m 467m 39 star 6 star 53/35 Competitive
Rebel Force Scarif 555m 11.11m 0.0m 461m 38 star 29 star 33 star 47/41 Semi Competitive
RebeI Force MandaIore 554m 11.09m 10.0m 532m 38 star 2 star 74/14 Competitive
Rebel Force Exegol 543m 10.86m 7.0m 456m 36 star 7 star 41/47 Competitive
Rebel Force Shili 505m 10.11m 8.0m 276m 32 star 7 star 32 star 36/52 Competitive
Rebel F?rce C?nc?rd D?wn 504m 10.08m 6.5m 340m 36 star 7 star 24/64 Semi Competitive
Rebel Force Korr?ban 469m 9.40m 7.5m 163m 24 star 5 star 24/64 Semi Competitive
Rebel Force Ahch T? 469m 9.39m 0.0m 165m 27 star 1 star 30 star 37/51
Rebel Force Mustafar 424m 8.49m 0.0m 84m 26 star 2 star 27 star 22/66 Casual
Rebel Force Dagobah 292m 5.97m 0.0m 76m 15 star 1 star 25 star 36/52 Casual
r?bel forc? kamino 100m 6.31m 4.0m 5 star 12 star 11/24 Casual
Rebel Force Jebat Msia 10m 10.27m 0.0m 565m 39 star 4 star 68/18 Casual