Australian Commandos Alliance currently consists of 6 guilds with players ranging from 'Brand New' to 'End Game'

We are an international alliance with the bulk of our players being from AUS, NZ, ASIA, UK and the USA. We have the mentality that 'Real Life comes first', but still manage to be competitive in all our guilds.

If you are looking for a new home please join our discord server and ask to speak with an officer.



Guild Comparison

GP Avg. GP Min. GP SBR Krayt RotE LSGTB DSGTB TW Reset Mindset
Australian Commandos 444m 8.89m 5.0m 141m 65m 27 star 22 star 32 star 23/39 Semi Competitive
Australian Commandos B 436m 8.73m 0.0m 171m 67m 30 star 23 star 30/31 Competitive
Australian Commandos C 367m 7.49m 0.0m 85m 37m 21 star 14 star 30 star 24/38
Australian Commandos D 335m 6.72m 2.5m 110m 33m 18 star 18 star 25 star 41/15 Semi Competitive
Australian Commandos E 213m 4.96m 0.0m 51m 25m 10 star 22 star 38/21 Semi Competitive
Australian Commandos F 139m 3.57m 0.0m 23m 11m 6 star 5 star 11 star 36/26