Reys Elites

Member of: Boba's Alliance

Semi - competitive guild, well structured game play and a proud member of the Boba's Alliance. Contact Fido Frenchie#9187

397m GP 50/50 players Semi Competitive English
25star RotE 25star LS Geo 32star DS Geo 24/2 TW

About this guild

Reys Elites is a day 1 guild and built around a UK/US collaboration centered around the principles of Respect, Generosity, Commitment & Fun. We are a mature leadership who understand the importance of family, real life and striking a balance. You will see from our guild roster that we have quite a few large GP players that have experienced the drama at the sharp end of the competitive spectrum and have joined us to realise you can still enjoy the game without such drama. In terms of a community, each player is set up with a roster development page and is encouraged to share their plans, successes and farming progress with the rest of the guild - who can help and support you. We hold our own in TW (80% win rate) securing up to 5 R9 mats per match and our TB performance (now solely RotE based) continues to improve as we build out our R7/R8 roster depth and drive towards a larger number of Grand Iinquisitors to improve Reva shard numbers. CPIT is on farm with 24hr registration and all other raids are sim with the exception of HSTR where we have a 5 group managed system for better top 10 reward distribution. With the new Krayt event, we will focus down on this event in the coming period and retire all others where practical.

Guild Reset: 06:30 PM UTC ()

Guild Requirements

What else we're looking for

We are always on the look out for community minded players who want to strike a balance between RL and gaming fun. We will expect you to maximise your roster performance in all events and we will encourage you to share in your successes, your gaming knowledge and most of all, that you will have a voice in our community and be counted. Our leadership style expects you to seek out help and be open and transparent about any challenges that can impact on your gaming fun/availability - so that as a community and leadership we can support you and accommodate life's hiccups. As a guild, we are collectively stronger and greater than the sum of our individual parts.

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Raid Progress

Tank Takedown
Simmed Heroic
Launches 08:00 PM UTC
The Pit
Simmed Heroic
Launches 06:30 PM UTC
The Pit (Challenge)
Completed Tier 1
Launches 08:00 PM UTC
The Sith Triumvirate
Completed Heroic
Launches 07:00 PM UTC

TB Progress

25/54 star
25/36 star
32/33 star

TW Record

Result Opponent Score Date GP
Victory Human Cyborg Relations 22,225/11,370 3/26/23 371,503,553
Victory Da Wanna Wanga 27,304/17,942 3/16/23 381,964,895
Victory 25,259/20,106 3/12/23 380,723,233
Victory Ðanεຮ iກ گρacε 24,793/16,650 3/2/23 372,119,083
Victory AWA MandaIore 18,245/13,823 2/26/23 379,080,319
Victory 21,259/20,160 2/16/23 381,511,093
Victory 26,433/17,878 2/12/23 374,619,796
Victory 22,489/16,644 2/2/23 365,661,139
Victory Endor's Élite Green Crystal 23,338/13,852 1/29/23 365,243,712
Victory Scarberia 24,911/20,363 1/19/23 357,420,019
Defeat Ewokolypse Rising 21,518/21,918 1/15/23 358,367,207
Victory 29,825/18,499 1/5/23 377,018,731
Defeat Down Under Darkside 23,189/31,134 1/1/23 369,329,310
Victory GID Over My Helmet 29,293/14,042 12/22/22 365,596,028
Victory 32,841/17,427 12/18/22 367,281,522
Victory SmokeSolo Blasters 27,295/13,274 12/8/22 340,810,015
Victory Σχcidium 23,911/12,400 12/4/22 363,348,860
Victory 19,897/19,768 11/24/22 363,693,877
Victory 20,258/17,231 11/20/22 369,333,424
Victory 17,112/14,491 11/10/22 338,931,728
Victory 26,252/16,748 11/6/22 354,793,734
Victory 20,342/15,173 10/27/22 346,614,242
Victory Galactic Cartel Qc 22,666/15,682 10/23/22 362,338,426
Victory 21,971/13,285 10/13/22 359,240,138
Victory Monnuunia 22,071/18,039 10/9/22 348,214,117
Victory 24,180/14,666 9/29/22 364,583,363