sL Rεvεnαητ

| Madclaw strong! | TW/TB Serious | 8.5m 6x GLs all CQ units Farming Prof | RustyNails#6222

16m GP 0/50 players Competitive Recruiting
37star RotE 33star LS Geo 33star DS Geo 12/8 TW

About this guild

Would you like to join the best community in SWGoH

Madclaw is a premire guild in the Shadowlands Alliance. We are a Top 20, Territory wars focused guild. We compete in varying tiers when some players need to sit due to RL commitments, but the goal is always to have 50/50 join for TW. No forcing players to sit or sandbagging, but we honor if a player expresses that they can't fully commit to a TW. We also strive to excel in every game mode. Territory battles and conquest are particularly important to us as the rewards from both are a driver of TW success. We are competitive, self motivated, skilled group of players with a strong emphasis on teamwork, communication and mutual support. We provide a fun, energetic, family type culture in the guild and alliance wide. While we work hard to stive to be the best guild possible, we understand this is a game and play for fun. 

What we offer:

•  A fun, inclusive group of players that love Star Wars

•  Top-end TW, TB, and raid performance

•  Optional streaming for GAC TW and TB 

•  A wealth of strategic resources to help improve your game

 • Comprehensive Conquest guides to make achieving the red box easier

Entry Requirements:

•  A high level of participation in guild activities

•  8.5m GP, 6 GLs, Executor, Conquest characters

•  Conquest character unlocks after 3 Conquests

•  Consistent roster/mod improvement

•  Mod compliance for TW

Jump on the sL recruiting server and ask for MadClaw today!

Guild Reset: 10:30 PM UTC ()

Guild Requirements

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Raid Progress

TB Progress

37/54 star
33/36 star
33/33 star

TB History

TB Date Stars GP
RotE 1/29/23 37 16,501,242

Raid History

TB Date Score GP

TW Record

Result Opponent Score Date GP
Victory GiD Keep Firing As Sholes 28,060/12,033 2/2/23 391,506,729
Victory TH? 3?? 31,101/20,704 1/29/23 511,387,010
Defeat ?N CAW Empire 28,449/35,905 1/19/23 528,347,954
Defeat TheBigChewbowski 35,766/35,845 1/15/23 527,582,046
Victory R?D MACHIN? 32,876/22,570 1/5/23 520,262,796
Defeat M?W Vanguard 35,435/35,832 1/1/23 519,752,950
Defeat ?N CAW Patrol 16,393/36,240 12/22/22 513,397,169
Victory CZSK Galactic Veterans 34,455/16,772 12/18/22 516,173,275
Defeat M??W 35,693/35,944 12/8/22 511,702,425
Defeat M?W 29,254/34,858 12/4/22 493,247,376
Victory 29,600/15,336 11/24/22 381,521,481
Victory Italy Strikes Back 28,359/13,773 11/20/22 370,005,755
Victory Nights Watch 29,805/14,055 11/10/22 399,382,025
Victory sL Dead Forest Guards 30,399/29,952 11/6/22 407,787,632
Victory ?I ANZGC II 29,995/20,327 10/27/22 398,409,449
Victory RH STEEL LEGION 28,756/28,755 10/23/22 377,639,689
Defeat 31,495/31,555 10/13/22 419,998,701
Victory R?D MACH?NE 29,771/27,847 10/9/22 449,260,521
Victory 32,286/15,876 9/29/22 430,342,049
Defeat 31,058/33,620 9/25/22 449,678,846