Mighty Chlorians

It started from Sorry Phipps. Offering a play experience no matter your level of engagement and commitment.


Guild Comparison

GP Avg. GP Min. GP Krayt RotE LSGTB DSGTB TW Reset Mindset
Mighty Chloriаns 529m 10.59m 8.5m 166m 36 star 33 star 33 star 31/3 Competitive
Mighty Chlοrians 511m 10.23m 0.0m 183m 36 star 32 star 33 star 27/7
MC Syndication 484m 10.30m 0.0m 146m 35 star 11/2
Mіghty Chlorians 480m 9.60m 7.0m 131m 32 star 29 star 33 star 28/6 Semi Competitive
Mighty Сhlоrianѕ 471m 9.43m 8.0m 140m 33 star 28 star 33 star 18/17 Competitive
Mighty Chlоrians 468m 9.37m 0.0m 137m 31 star 23/1 Competitive
Mighty ChIorians 390m 7.81m 0.0m 30m 18 star 13 star 30 star 28/6 Casual
Mighty ChΙοrians 325m 6.64m 2.5m 43m 22 star 9/12 Semi Competitive
Míghty Chlorians 70m 1.40m 0.0m 3m 2 star 5 star 25/3 Casual