Ventress Moon Alliance

Ventress Moon Alliance is a multi-performing family of independently run guilds. The alliance is dedicated to supporting its member guilds and their players. We are currently comprised of 6 guilds:

Ventress Moon

Ventress Knights

Ventress Scoundrels

Ventress Dark Empire

Ventress Carnival of Swords

Ventress Crimson Dawn

It is important to note that the alliance does not make forced transfers between guilds, nor does it use any guild as a feeder guild.

Alliance Website

Alliance Discord Recruitment Server


Guild Comparison

GP Avg. GP Min. GP SBR Krayt RotE LSGTB DSGTB TW Reset Mindset
Ventress Moon 529m 10.81m 6.5m 298m 36 star 29 star 33 star 27/45 Semi Competitive
Ventress Knights 491m 10.23m 7.5m 243m 36 star 24 star 32 star 31/41 Semi Competitive
Ventress Dark Empire 457m 9.35m 0.0m 173m 28 star 15/26 Semi Competitive
Ventress Scoundrels 441m 9.00m 7.5m 166m 28 star 25/47 Semi Competitive
Ventress CrimsonDawn 357m 7.15m 0.0m 94m 21 star 19 star 33/6