ANZAC Coalition

Who is the ANZAC Coalition?

The ANZAC Coalition is a tight-knit coalition of 14 guilds that share a single common discord server, and a strong common culture and sense of identity. We are currently looking for individuals or small groups of active players with a similar culture, camaraderie, and identity to join our existing guilds. Players of all GP are welcome.

All guilds are fully heroic


All 13 guilds are active, coordinated (particularly for TW and TB), and have strong leadership. The Coalition shares a common Discord server, and members flexibly and seamlessly transfer between guilds as necessary/desired to provide support, gain extra shards, test squads in HSTR, and the like. This coordination and united approach underpins everything we do and has been vital to our success both on Discord and in-game.

Our members are largely Australian-based, with also a substantial minority of Asia, U.S., and EU-based members. Our raid times cater to all members' time zones. We consider ourselves 'semi-competitive', meaning that we strive for end game content, coordinate ourselves like a competitive guild, but allow flexibility to cater to our members' real-life commitments.


Guild Comparison

Elevated Terrain 424m 28 star 28 star 32 star 11/14 Yes Competitive
Shifty Rebels 412m 29 star 27 star 32 star 16/9 Yes Competitive
ANZAC Spirit 376m 22 star 9/7 Yes Semi Competitive
Crusading Falcons 320m 18 star 17 star 26 star 14/11 Yes Semi Competitive
ANZAC Imperials 309m 17 star 14 star 29 star 15/9 Yes Semi Competitive
ANZAC Horizons 276m 17 star 12 star 27 star 24/1 Yes Competitive
Rebel ANZAC Alliance 264m 14 star 11 star 26 star 13/12 Semi Competitive
ANZAC Vanguard 173m 10 star 20 star 18/7 Yes Semi Competitive
ANZAC Moraband 120m 9 star 20/5 Semi Competitive