ANZAC Coalition

Discover the ANZAC Coalition

The ANZAC Coalition stands as a formidable alliance, consisting of 12 tightly-knit guilds that share a common culture and identity, uniting over 1000 members and guests. Our collective knowledge and experience in SWGOH make us a force to be reckoned with. We're actively seeking like-minded individuals or small groups who value camaraderie and identity in their gaming journey

If you share our passion for the game and a sense of belonging, you're invited to join our ranks. As a member of our coalition, you'll unlock access to a vast array of resources, perks, and helpful bots integrated into our Discord server, all designed to elevate your gameplay.

About Us

Within the coalition's 12 guilds, you'll find a model of activity, coordination, and steadfast leadership. Our shared Discord server serves as a hub where members seamlessly interact within and between guilds, providing support, advice, counters, and more. This unity and coordinated approach are the cornerstones of our success on Discord and in-game.

We operate as an alliance of independent guilds, strictly opposed to any feeder system. However, you have the flexibility to transfer or merc between guilds to align with your goals or real-life circumstances. Our community is primarily Australian, with strong representation from NZ, US, and EU. 

We're always on the lookout for active players interested in being part of our vibrant community. 

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Guild Comparison

GP Avg. GP Min. GP SBR Krayt RotE LSGTB DSGTB TW Reset Mindset
Shifty Rebels 476m 9.54m 8.0m 214m 135m 33 star 32/30 Competitive
ANZAC Spirit 456m 9.33m 7.0m 166m 89m 27 star 30/23 Competitive
ANZAC Galactic Crew 402m 8.04m 0.0m 80m 43m 19 star 18 star 30 star 20/38
Anzac Skwalking 394m 7.88m 0.0m 163m 45m 27 star 20 star 31 star 37/7
ANZAC Sentinels 387m 7.75m 0.0m 92m 51m 20 star 10 star 29 star 15/40
Crusading Falcons 387m 7.75m 6.0m 110m 49m 23 star 31/31 Semi Competitive
ANZAC Battalion 376m 7.53m 5.0m 94m 46m 22 star 12 star 26 star 22/14 Semi Competitive
ANZAC Horizons 365m 7.30m 5.0m 131m 41m 25 star 52/10 Competitive
Rebel ANZAC Alliance 325m 6.65m 4.5m 84m 38m 18 star 28 star 28/34 Semi Competitive
ANZAC Vanguard 282m 5.76m 4.0m 86m 30m 17 star 27 star 53/9 Semi Competitive
ANZAC Moraband 207m 4.23m 2.5m 48m 17m 18 star 44/17 Semi Competitive
ANZAC NewDawn 149m 2.98m 2.0m 6 star 10 star 23/9 Semi Competitive