The Order Alliance

Guild community suited to accommodate all play styles -

Our alliance features players from the creators of, swgoh events, galactic war report podcast, and the past shattered order podcast.


Guild Comparison

GP Avg. GP Min. GP SBR Krayt RotE LSGTB DSGTB TW Reset Mindset
Black Sun Heroes 581m 11.62m 10.0m 524m 38 star 6 star 31/51 Semi Competitive
Black Spire Outpost 555m 11.11m 9.5m 476m 36 star 6 star 29/52 Semi Competitive
Shattered Order 541m 10.82m 8.5m 282m 36 star 4 star 33 star 33/48 Casual
Future of the Order 464m 9.29m 8.0m 245m 29 star 49/33 Semi Competitive
AxM Hypernova 456m 9.32m 0.0m 237m 28 star 4 star 26/42
Nights of Ren 349m 6.98m 3.5m 120m 15 star 4 star 30 star 26/55 Semi Competitive
Black Spire Heroes 348m 7.26m 0.0m 139m 22 star 3 star 30 star 40/28
Frequent Fighters 258m 5.17m 2.5m 67m 12 star 1 star 21 star 43/38 Casual
Force Binds All 233m 5.70m 0.0m 68m 13 star 2 star 22 star 27/30
Draconian Order 155m 3.39m 0.0m 37m 5 star 9 star 39/26
Order Initiates 67m 1.36m 0.0m 27m 2 star 15/29 Casual
The New SkyCrew 25m 1.98m 0.0m 10/13